How Should Brands Approach a Local Market?

How Should Brands Approach a Local Market?
08.09.2015 09:53

Every brand that wants to market one or more of their products to a different target audience thinks about how those products are going to be accepted and embraced.

When marketing a product on a local market, companies need to make sure that they understand the language and the culture that this new market has. The promotional materials or the offers that work for a market might not work for another one. The key to good marketing is finding a way to connect with the new audience. That way, they will be more inclined to buy your products.

Best approach practices

Some cultures are more sensitive than others, so when entering a new local market, companies have to pay attention to the things that could cause conflict or controversy.

For example, a certain word in the English language could mean a totally different thing in another country. And if that word happens to be the name of the product (...)


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